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It is This Way with Poems
Daily, I shove out the old lives, born
images, some of them wrapped up like a caul,
these underdeveloped darlings
pressing their fingers to a small glass of the world;
they want to be loved.
I imagine pulling them out of me,
their bodies at the end
of a very long sort of string,
a kind of meat and hook,
or a trick of magic, these thousand bound handkerchiefs
out of my two human sleeves.—
I’ve found
I have made you out of everything.
I have made you out of God’s throat,
out of God’s toes, God’s sedated little bones.
I have made you out of limestone,
out of whole batholiths and salt of earth.
I have made you out of word-things,
out of adjective law and obscenely gestured tropes.
And now I give you this handful of loves—
:iconcatching:catching 2 8
Prologue to 'Untitled'
"Please stop!"  Nico's words echoed at a deafening intensity, but the angel knew its cries were barely audible anymore to its soul, Amanda.  She had long since pushed her guardian further into her subconscious, cornering Nico's voice where it was barely above a whisper.  
Like other guardian angels, Nico had flickered into existence as a being designed purely of thought from the moment and without corporeal bodies to tether them to reality, the fate of these entities is to linger on the fringes of the human mind.  They existed to guide and protect the individual souls entrusted to each of them, but they were never meant to stray into the conscious mind of their protected souls.  Nico, though had been forced to cross that barrier out of desperation to save his most recent soul, Amanda from destroying herself.  It was no longer about protection of her soul.  Instead it had become about protecting her life.  
Protecting a life that didn't want to be protected left Nico wanting only to be
:iconbindmywingsofwax:bindmywingsofwax 1 9
Shirt and Pants
A man strolls past
toward the coffee shop.
He wears a shirt and pants
as most men do.
I continue on my way, because
thousands of men in shirts and pants
have crossed my path before.
But I glance back and think of him
as a favor for a normal man.
For every man (with or without pants)
has a story to tell.
Maybe he lived in a trailer
until his parents won the lottery.
And they all ran down the street
yelling and dancing as it poured.
Or perhaps he had a rough childhood
and his goldfish was his only friend.
And when he fell (hard) for a girl
he was left alone in the dark at 3 am.
I follow him to the coffee shop
and sit beside him.
He sips his coffee. Black.
Maybe his mother drank her coffee black
I start to ask him,
But he's only a man.
Most men would think that
my question is strange.
Or maybe he is strange too (I hope so)
and he is dying to ask me
    if my aunt bought me these shoes.
:iconraemarshall:raemarshall 9 12
Coffee and Cigarettes
My coffee and cigarette,
oh, hot coffee,
oh, tasty cigarette,
slowly burning my heart away.
Slowly, torn from the aspects of a woman's love,
broken, and mutilated,
my own choices,
no longer in sight.
My coffee and cigarette,
the cutest barista, the best coffee,
rolling cigarettes, a handicraft,
my true focus, slowly fading.
Slowly, my soluble soul,
falls into heartless solvent,
sweat forms, I can not handle it.
I can not handle her, sigh,
I turn to coffee and cigarettes,
falling apart,
slowly burning my heart away,
my true focus fading,
but my memory remains,
my feelings taken over,
but, I love her still,
forever and ever,
like I promised one day,
as I promised everyday.
:iconmagicality:Magicality 5 48
Nightlife by rougeux Nightlife :iconrougeux:rougeux 2,043 352 Silhouettes of Nightly Shadows by x-horizon Silhouettes of Nightly Shadows :iconx-horizon:x-horizon 1,952 424 I Loved You by luciole I Loved You :iconluciole:luciole 2,726 1,037 Eternal by kirasanta Eternal :iconkirasanta:kirasanta 3,547 264 Some will seek forgiveness... by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me Some will seek forgiveness... :iconthetragictruth-of-me:TheTragicTruth-Of-Me 2,622 414 A New Days Dawn by x-horizon A New Days Dawn :iconx-horizon:x-horizon 5,170 1,085 Faerie Gates by Tirael Faerie Gates :icontirael:Tirael 922 112 Heartbeats by A-Moonless-Night Heartbeats :icona-moonless-night:A-Moonless-Night 3 36
The Messenger
The sun, filtered to clotted cream yoghurt through early morning haze,
      hasn’t yet dried the grey dew, which I flick with white boots leaving
           a ski-trail from the patio to the files of bees, whose murmurs
                jog me back to an infant school assembly before the hymn.
                     My bees, quite used to me, take two squeezes of smoke
                            in this wet chill to appease their erinaceous slumber,
:iconabcat:AbCat 24 87
Kitchen Table
We wake with ash
under our lids,
this cloud could be eternal,
drifting bits of solar discharge-
stalling the execution.
Thick air translates
on threads,
strung like spiral cobwebs
rooted in our cheekbones
beads of cream dew
and the wires
are discovered.
The Bends is tapping into
our fossilized amnion
and my pores won't stop taking it in
as my ears
won't stop breathing it in.
Rigorous tendons
rip up my feet
and place them
chilled and crushed
under the house,
with no spoons left
to scrape at
this concrete,
the foundation is swallowing us up again.
:iconattesa:Attesa 2 0
theendofheartache by TeufelHosen theendofheartache :iconteufelhosen:TeufelHosen 6 11



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